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How to Properly Maintain your AcryShield Roof System

Posted by Nicole Gale on Wed, Nov 06, 2013 @ 11:00 AM

Preventative Roof Maintenance


Roof maintenance is an essential step to prevent any unforeseen situations that could cause leaks and damage to your roof. It's necessary to develop a good habit of preventative roof maintenance every six months starting the year your AcryShield roof system was installed. In doing so, you are maximizing the life span of the roof and ensuring a greater return on investment with lower maintenance costs.


Use this checklist for proper preventative roof maintenance semiannually:

□   Clear all debris off the roof (dirt, rocks, branches, leaves, etc…)

□   Clean out drains and gutters to ensure proper drainage can occur, preventing ponded water

□   Remove any overhanging tree branches or anything else that could penetrate the roof surface

□   Install walk pads in high traffic areas - especially around roof hatches and equipment systems

□   Inspect and insure all equipment is properly flashed and watertight

□   Inspect all areas for leaks and deterioration – pay attention to stains and discoloration of the roof edges and surrounding walls as they are possible indications of a leak

□   Take note of any trouble areas that could cause leaks, damage or deterioration and call your National Coating representative 800-423-9557 for further guidance.

Spending a small amount of time maintaining your roof every six months will help prevent costly repairs. These steps will ensure your roof a longer lifespan with less maintenance costs. Unfortunately, it is very easy to ignore preventative roof maintenance until it is too late. Small problems are easier and less expensive to solve but when left unnoticed, these small issues can lead to some of the most costly repairs your building will experience. Avoid costly roof repairs by using the checklist above every 6 months and immediately after large storms, high winds, hail and after other damage causing conditions.

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