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Benefits of Roof Coating Membranes

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Aug 08, 2013 @ 08:00 AM

Roof Coating Membranes

There can be a large cost difference when comparing a roof restoration job completed with high performance reflective roof coatings versus a complete roof tear-off and new roof installation. Roof coatings are by far the winner. Restoring an old, leaking roof with a roof coating membrane system can cost 50-70% less money than replacing a roof. The cost savings comes from reduced installation time, less materials, landfill fee's are eliminated, reduced life-cycle costs, and reduced roof maintenance costs. The building owner also benefits greatly from energy savings due to the reflective roof coatings which allow the building to remain cooler, lowering air conditioning usage to cool the building.

Many tenants and building owners want projects completed quickly when work needs to be done on the building they are occupying. An AcryPly Roof Restoration or an AcryShield Roof Management (ARM) System are the ideal choices when faced with roof leaks and failures. These systems are seamless and fluid applied, allowing for a quicker and easier application compared to tearing off a roof and then installing a new one. AcryShield roof coating membranes allow contractors to save time, eliminating the tear-off stage completely and building owners are able to save money due to shortened installation time.   

Work Disruption      
Roof coating membranes allow you to keep your business open with minimal disruption to your facilities daily activities. This is a necessity for many offices, as well as, malls, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing plants, etc... Custom spray in place coating membranes allow the building owner or tenant to continue to conduct business while having their roof restored to a new watertight condition. Our systems are non-intrusive, meaning there is no drilling, nailing, or seam-welding necessary. AcryShield coatings contain no harmful or strong odors and are either very low in VOC's or contain no VOC's at all.

AcryShield roof coating membranes are sustainable. Our waterbased systems are environmentally friendly because you can extend your roof life indefinitely. Coating your roof every 10 years will allow you to keep your existing roof watertight without ever needing to worry about a roof tear-off. Unfortunately, roofing waste from non-sustainable roofing practices already accounts for 20% of all landfill space being used today. This fact alone should encourage companies to seek the most sustainable options for their roofing needs, especially when they prove to be the most economical solutions as well. 

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