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Unique Roof Coating Situation - Clean Room Case History

Posted by Nicole Gale on Wed, Dec 12, 2012 @ 11:00 AM
TriVascular, Inc.
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Square Feet: 150,000
Contractor: Bigham Taylor
Unique Situation: Clean Room Facility 

Unique Roof Coating TriVascular Inc. is a medical device company that manufacturers their products in a clean room environment. When the roof began to experience small leaks, the building owner needed a proven solution that could keep production running with no disruption to the clean room conditions required by the tenant. The clean room would cost up to $100K per day to shut down if a water leak or any airborne dust compromised the sterile environment, and would require at least four days to re-certify. Therefore, the owners needed a non- intrusive roofing system that would limit vibrations to the roofing system during application, while still offering the necessary waterproofing.


Unique Roof CoatingUnlike most roofing systems that require significant nailing or screwing, a fluid applied roofing system can be sprayed in place and offer a fully adhered membrane that offers some of the best waterproofing in the business. This particular roof had a unique situation in the fact that it had two different substrates, a large section of granulated BUR and a small TPO area. National Coatings was able to gain superior adhesion to both substrates without unusual preparation or caustic sacrificial primers. The unique performance capability of the A502 and A503 base coats provided direct adhesion to both substrates and also offered outstanding ponded water resistance to the rainy season that occurs during the Northern California winters.


This system offered a 10 year full system warranty and can be re-coated every 10 years, offering a truly sustainable waterproofing solution. Needless to say, both TriVascular and the building owners were extremely happy with the solution that kept the business up and running!




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