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Benefits of Restoring or Renewing a Metal Roof

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Sep 06, 2018 @ 07:00 AM
Benefits of Restoring Metal
  • Non-Intrusive Application ProcessWant More Info? Download our FREE  Metal Coatings  Guide 
  • Renewable
  • Reduced Roof Maintenance
  • Cost Effective
  • Seamless Membrane
  • Quick Installation
  • Watertight
  • Energy Efficient
  • Ponded Water Resistant
  • UV Protection - High Reflectivity
  • Dirt-Pick Up Resistance
  • Standard and Custom Colored Coatings
  • Long Term Durability
  • Rated & Approved Roof Coatings:
    • ASTM D6083
    • Energy Star
    • UL
    • ICC-ES ESR-2140
    • Title 24 Compliant
    • CRRC Rated  
      *Some coatings meet standards that other's do not - Please consult a National Coatings representative for more information.
  • Excellent Adhesion to: 
    • Metal Roof Decks
    • Metal Side Walls
    • Rail Cars
    • Pipes and Other Metal Equipment
    • Tank Exteriors
    • Structural steel

Acrylic AcryShield® and SRCSM Silicone Metal Roof Coatings are excellent at roof restoration and renewal projects. For more information, download our FREE Metal Roof Brochure.

Check out some of our Metal Roof Restoration and Maintenance projects by National Coatings: U.S. Coast Guard Hangar at LAXGateGourmet, and Sears Warehouse.

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