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Benefits of Re-Roofing or Re-Covering Your Failing Roof using a Roof Coating System Vs Roof Replacement

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Jan 31, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

Spray_pic.pngWhen faced with the decision to decide how to solve your current roofing issues after your building already has a second roof in place, you basically have two options – replace your roof by tearing off the existing roofs and install a new one, or you can re-cover your existing roof with a roof coating system.

Building codes usually allow you to add a second roof to your building if the first roof is failing. Anything after the second roof, you typically need to choose between a roof tear-off/new installation or a roof coating system to restore your current roof to new. Choosing to re-cover your existing roof over the traditional roof tear-off and replacement option, saves the building owner a large amount of time and money and saves the tenants occupying the building, a lot of disruptions and business closures - equaling money.

Need Help? Contact a Roofing  Professional  Zero ObligationAcrylic roof coating systems are ideal because they can restore your existing roof to new and be re-coated every 10 plus years, allowing you to avoid a costly tear-off indefinitely. Roof coating systems are spray applied directly over an existing aged or failing roof substrate, eliminating all removal stages. Roof removal not only takes a great amount of time and effort to remove the roof but you also have to transport the old roof to a landfill. This complete process raises costs because you will be paying for additional labor and removal fees, transportation fees, and landfill and disposal fees.

Acrylic roof coating systems can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. They create minimal noise and odor disruptions to your business, allowing you to remain open during the ENTIRE installation process and often times come with a 10, 15 or 20-year warranty package to ensure excellent and long term waterproofing capabilities.

Interested in restoring or re-covering your aged and failing roof? National Coatings has several different acrylic and silicone roof coating systems and products that are extremely reflective and do not require a costly and timely roof tear-off or replacement to occur. Our AcryShield roof coatings are tested and rated by several third party organizations such as the Cool Roof Rating Council, Energy Star Certified Roofing Products, Title 24 Compliant and more. Click here to download our FREE Product and System Brochure for more information.

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