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Benefits of a Seamless Roof Coating System

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Dec 10, 2015 @ 11:07 AM

DSCF5518.jpgThe application of a roof coating system creates a seamless membrane covering. As the coating is spray applied, it creates a roof membrane with no seams, no penetration holes, no joints and no gaps.

Most roofing systems are rolled out onto the rooftop and are cut into place, drilled and nailed down, or welded around seams. This process is cumbersome as many roofs have multiple items on the rooftop that need to be properly cut around and sealed such as pipes, drains, walls, HVAC equipment and more. Seamless roof coatings have the ability to be sprayed on top of and around these hard to reach areas, covering and waterproofing the roof without seams.

Seamless elastomeric roof coating membranes have another advantage over rolled out roofing systems; they can handle stress from tension much better. A fully functioning, watertight roof needs to be flexible as temperatures change throughout the day, causing the roof to expand and contract. As a roof ages, it will become brittle and may lose it’s ability to remain flexible. This is when the joints, seams and penetrations begin failing on the rolled goods roofing systems because the roof has a hard time keeping up with the movement, causing tension to occur at these specific areas. The isolated tension and deterioration of the roof causes these areas to ripe and tear, leading to water penetrating into the building. A seamless elastomeric membrane on the other hand, has the ability to handle the additional stress from the temperature fluctuations because the membrane will stretch and return to its original shape.

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