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AcryPly & SPF Roof Restoration System - Energy Efficient Reflective Rooftop

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Feb 02, 2023 @ 11:52 AM

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101 Bonaventura

Energy Efficient, Highly Reflective Rooftop


Size: 34,000 square feet
Location: San Jose, California
System: AcryPly Roofing System
Products: AcryShield A503, A400 and A500
Contractor: Just Leaks, Inc.

Challenge: Aged Cap Sheet

  • Aging Cap Sheet was deteriorating and starting to leak in ponding areas at perimeter.

  • 2x4 “diverters” were installed to divert water to scuppers but were ineffective.

  • Owner was interested in Cool Roof Solution to reduce summer cooling bills.

  • HVAC units were set on sleepers that could not be waterproofed.

Solution: AcryPly & SPF Roof Restoration System

  • Removed 2x4 “diverters”, lifted HVAC units and install waterproof supports.
  • Build up crickets along perimeter using SPF foam to eliminate ponding and to direct water to drains.
  • AcryShield top coat provided high reflectivity for energy efficiency and a Cool Roof solution.

“The client was so impressed with the quality and cost effectiveness of the integrated AcryPly and SPF Roof Systems that he had us do the rest of the 5 buildings in his commercial complex,” said Scott Siemer, President at Just Leaks, Inc.

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