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Acrylic Roof Coatings Restore Commercial Roofing Systems

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, May 21, 2015 @ 11:30 AM

North-Garner-Google-Earth-ImageSince the mid-1950’s acrylic technology advanced to the capability of being able to transform into a waterborne emulsion. This was huge for creating extremely durable and protective paint use on the outside of homes and building and it has since become a resilient and long-lasting product for the roof coating industry.

Acrylic material has excellent weathering properties and is extremely resistant to ultraviolet radiation from the sunlight. This makes acrylic roof coatings very durable and protective in nature. Sunlight or the sun’s heat is the leading cause of roof degradation and causes the greatest amount of damage to the roofs surface compared to any other element the roof encounters. The acrylic ingredient in roof coatings provides the building owner with the greatest protection, durability and strength to the roof, protecting the remainder of the building from water penetration, damage and more. 

Click meCommercial roofing systems that are aged and deteriorating benefit greatly from an acrylic roof coating system as they are able to renew and restore their roof to new without tearing off the existing roof substrate. The acrylic roof coatings are applied directly on top of the current roof with a thickness of 15 to 30 mils. (Average exterior house paint is roughly 3 mils, so you can see the difference in strength, durability and protection from a roof coating compared to paint.) These roof coatings are liquid applied and form the roofing membrane on site with no seams.  The acrylic roof coatings adhere to, waterproof and protect anything on top of the particular roof it is install onto. Not only do you, as the building owner, benefit from a custom tailored roofing system, meeting each and every need your particular roof may have, you also benefit from eliminating field or factory seams and mechanically fastened areas, both of which experience a lot of failure and aging issues as the flexibility of the roof membrane deteriorates, creating a perfect avenue for water penetration. 

Acrylic roof coatings provide excellent "cool roof" capabilities, as the acrylic polymers are transparent to UV radiation, prohibiting them from absorbing the sun’s destructive heat. These coatings can range from standard reflectivity to highly reflective coatings. The durablilty of the coatings allow them to remain flexible, constantly permitting the roof to expand and contract with the building during temperature fluctuations without cracking, split or alligorating.

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