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5 Ways White Roof Coatings Extend Roof Life

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Dec 30, 2014 @ 12:00 PM


Everyone wants his or her roof to last as long as possible, using a white roof coating system allows you to prolong your roofs life beyond a traditional roof. When these coating systems are maintained properly and renewed periodically, your roof can be a sustainable roofing system than never needs to be replaced or torn-off. (For more information on avoiding a roof tear-off indefinitely, call 800-423-9557, our roofing professionals are here to help answer your questions.)

AcryShield white roof coating can extend your roofs life by the following ways:

  1. Ultra-Violet (UV) blocking pigments protect roof from degradation and premature aging. The white coatings act as a protectant against the sun’s heat, reflecting the harmful UV rays away from the building similarly to how sunscreen protects our skin from the sun. The sun is the leading cause of roof degradation due to the UV rays ability to break down the ingredients in a roof causing it to lose its flexibility, becoming brittle and dried out, leading to cracking, splitting, ripping, tearing and leaking.

  2. Excellent flexibility. Elastomeric white roof coatings have the ability to expand twice its original length and contract back to its original state without ripping or tearing. This allows your roof to move with the building as it expands and contracts during different temperature changes throughout the day.

  3. Download our  FREE Guide on SPF Roof  Coating Systems Advanced ponded water protection. The AcryShield elastomeric coatings are specialized in advanced ponded water protection. Protecting your roof from delamination, degradation, blistering and eventually leaking. (Download our AcryShield SPF Roofing Brochure for information on custom tailoring your roof coating system to provide slopes where necessary to eliminate ponded water.)

  4. Tenacious adhesion. For similar reasons as to how these coatings stay adhered to the roofing substrate when exposed to extended periods of ponded water, the AcryShield white roof coatings tenaciously adhere to almost all roofing substrates. The AcryShield A502 base coat adheres directly to TPO and EPDM without the need for additional primers or etching rinses. Find out more - download our Single-Ply Substrate Brochure today, it’s FREE!

  5. Cool Roofs lower roof temperature. Cool roofs offer protection and lengthen roof life by reflecting the sun’s heat away from the roof, allowing the roof to only absorb a minimal amount of heat. This allows the roof surface temperature (as well as the inside of the building) to remain cooler, slowing down the aging process and further protecting the roof from becoming brittle and dry.

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