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5 Benefits of a Liquid Roof

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Aug 26, 2014 @ 01:00 PM

Reliant_Stadium21.)  Seamless / Monolithic Membrane

A roof coating system or liquid roof is spray applied onto the roof surface covering and coating the entire rooftop. As the coating is sprayed, it spreads and “melts” if you will, together to create a seamless, monolithic roof membrane with no seams, no penetration holes, no joints and no gabs. The liquid coating covers and waterproofs those hard to reach areas such as pipes, drains, walls, HVAC equipment and anything else on the roof that makes it unique and difficult to waterproof.

2.)  Shorten Construction/Installation Phase

Roof coating systems do not require a roof tear-off. They are applied directly on top of the existing roof deck, eliminating everything involved in a roof tear-off such as removal of roof from building, removal of old materials from site, landfill waste and fee’s. Like mentioned above, because the roof is spray applied, the liquid roof coating system removes the extensive labor and time of cutting and sizing sheets of roofing material to work around all the penetrations, walls and objects you find on top of the roof. In additional to the shortened construction phase, there are liquid roof coatings call quickset coatings that giving contractors additional time to work during weather conditions that typically cause you to wait for drier weather. These quickset base and top coats provide resistance to early wash-off associated with heavy dew or light rain during installation. 

3.)  Quite Installation with ZERO VOC’sZERO_VOCs_Pail_sm_2

Often times a new roof is installed using seam welding, drilling, nailing or other intrusive machines that can cause a lot of noise, making it difficult to keep your retail shop open or your business office free of distraction. A liquid roof does not cause invasive noise disturbances during installation to your business and they contain no harmful or strong odors. National Coatings has SEVERAL roof coatings that contain ZERO VOC’s. Kaiser Permenente is a prime example of a company that has several facilities that are open 24/7. These facilities cannot do construction to their buildings’ that would cause noise or odor disruptions to their operations or to their patiences. Check out a few of Kaiser’s case histories and see what liquid roof solutions they used to solve their roofing issues:

4.)  Superior Waterproofing

A liquid roof coating system offers excellent waterproofing due to its seamless and monolithic membrane. The monolithic membrane is a durable roofing system that expands and contracts with equal tension across the rooftop during different temperature fluctuations. This is important because as all roofs need to expand and contract, most roofs have seams and/or nails that take the brunt of the tension caused by the expansion and contraction. Over time, it is common to find roof leaks and failures at these seams and holes.

5.)  Sustainable/Renewable

Lastly, roof coating systems are excellent for extending roof life, lowering roof maintenance and being environmentally friendly. These systems allow you to restore your existing roof and avoid a costly and timely roof tear-off forever. Installing a roof maintenance system every 10-15 years allows you to renew your roof, increase your roofs reflectivity, lower your energy consumption and add additional protection and waterproofing to your building without adding any additional waste to our already congested landfill sites.

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