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3 Roof Coating Systems That Are Ideal for New Construction

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Aug 30, 2018 @ 07:04 AM

SPF-Before-and-After2While roof coating systems are excellent for roof restoration and maintenance, they also provide superior UV protection, durability, waterproofing and much more for new construction projects. Below is a list of the key benefits for our three roof coating systems that are excellent for new construction: AcryShield SPF, AcryPly-D Deck-Up, and SRC Silicone Roof Coating Systems.  

The Acrylic AcryShield SPF Roofing System

Superior Durability Lowers Life-Cycle Costs:

  • SPF roofing systems are guaranteed for up to 20 years and many meet FM and UL standards
  • Easily renewed for the lifespan of the building – creating true sustainability

Lowered Energy Costs with Cool Roof Technology:

  • Cool Roof Coatings reflect the damaging heat and UV rays from the sun away from the roof top keeping the inside of your building a cooler more comfortable environment
  • Excellent insulation for diminished heat and cold transfer in and out of the building
  • Up to 30% lower energy cooling costs, reduce energy bills

Non-Disruptive, Easy Installation:

  • Simplified roof installation and improved waterproofing performance
  • Self-flashing roofing system creates a seamless layer of roofing protection

The Silicone SRC SPF Roofing System

True Sustainability:

  • Reduced energy costs with high reflectivity
  • High solids
  • Low VOC’s
  • One-component, moisture curing silicone roof coating system
  • Renewable every 10-20 years, eliminating any need for a tear-off and re-roofing

Maximum Protection:

  • Superior coating adhesion with proprietary formulations that in most instances, eliminate the need for primers
  • Silicone roof coatings provide excellent durability in extreme weather conditions and moderate ponding water

Cost Savings:

  • Significantly lower labor and material costs compared to other roofing options
  • Seamless roof membrane for reduced ongoing maintenance costs and issues

The AcryPly-D Deck-Up Roofing System

Outstanding Protection:

  • Excellent waterproofing and weatherproofing. Elastomeric roof coatings resist general chemical attacks from precipitation and vent emissions over traditional roofing.
  • Total UV blocking for outstanding protection against roof leaks and failures.
  • Superior reinforcement for extra toughness
  • Excellent insulation R-values
  • Highest per inch Long-Term Thermal Resistance (LTTR) values
  • Lower costs, easy application, no harmful or strong odors and less labor intensive compared to other roofing options.
  • Wind life resistance, and fire and thermal barrier protection with UL approval

Cool Roof Solutions:

  • Highly reflective acrylic roof coating technology lowers energy costs
  • Engineered to chemically resist dirt pickup – roof stays whiter and more reflective for longer
  • Reflectivity is up to three times better than traditional dark colored (BUR, EPDM, Mod Bit) roofing materials which reduces membrane stress and heat-accelerated aging and degradation
  • Provides sustainable building with LEED credits

Maximum Flexibility:

  • Mechanical or adhesive attachment
  • Composite board systems with or without polyiso insulation
  • Minimal disruptions to occupants in the building during installation

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