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2 Major Ways Acrylic Roof Coating Systems Greatly Improve Performance Capabilities of EPDM

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Jan 12, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

North-Garner-Google-Earth-Image1.pngMany low sloped, commercial and industrial buildings in America have an EPDM roof membrane on their building. EPDM is a roofing material made out of a very durable synthetic rubber consisting primarily of propylene and ethylene. EPDM is often applied in large sheets that are rolled out onto the rooftop and mechanically fastened to the Need Help? Contact a Roofing  Professional  Zero Obligationroof. Over time, the seams on these roofs begin to fail causing leaks and other issues to occur. Luckily, you can apply an acrylic roof coating system to restore your roof to new, while gaining benefits that will provide you with cost savings.

  1. Seamless Waterproofing

Acrylic roof coatings are sprayed directly onto the EPDM roof membrane, creating a monolithic covering with no seams or joints - even around pipes, roof top equipment and drains. Roof coatings significantly improve the waterproofing of EPDM roofs by eliminating T-joints, a right angle joint or seam between two membranes in the form of the letter “T”. These joints create water channels which overtime negativity impact the waterproofing capabilities of the EPDM as the sun’s heat cause these seams to fail and allow water to infiltrate into the building, forming leaks.

  1. Energy Savings

Traditional EPDM is black in color and not energy efficient. Black roof surfaces retain heat, which then transfers into the building, causing you to use more energy to cool the inside. Acrylic roof coatings are known for being excellent at reflecting a bulk of the sun’s heat away from the building back into the atmosphere, providing the following benefits:

  • Cooler indoor ambient air temperature
  • Greater comfort for employees and customers
  • Large reduction in energy usage equals significantly lower utility bills
  • HVAC equipment lasts longer as it is not used as often or for as long

Interested in restoring your aged and failing EPDM roof? National Coatings has several different acrylic roof coating systems and products that are extremely reflective and do not require a costly and timely roof tear-off or replacement to occur. Our AcryShield roof coatings are tested and rated by several third party organizations such as the Cool Roof Rating Council, Energy Star Certified Roofing Products, Title 24 Compliant and more. Click here to download our FREE Product and System Brochure for more information.

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