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National Coatings: Celebrating 38 Years of High Quality Roofing Solutions

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Aug 08, 2019 @ 09:17 AM
Celebrating 38 Yrs
Since 1981, National Coatings Corporation (NCC) has engineered advanced product formulations, allowing our company to expand and lead the roofing industry with our durable, energy efficient, cool roof coating products and systems. We proudly service commercial buildings for contractors and end users. We have sales representatives and our roofing products in stores across the US.

Thank youThank you for allowing us to become the roof coating manufacturer we are today. We could not be where we are today, if it was not for your trust, support and commitment to our company and products. We are thankful for your business and your continued support. We look forward to providing you with your roofing needs for many years to come!

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Project Profile: Custom Logo at the Home of the Miami Dolphins - Hard Rock Stadium

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Jul 30, 2019 @ 08:00 AM
Got Logos.jpg


Hard Rock Stadium - Custom Color Logo
Home of the Miami Dolphins

Location: Miami, Florida

Logo Size: Two logos approximately 16,000 square feet each, totaling a little over 32,000 square feet

Products: National Coatings' Quick Set AcryShield products


  • Hard Rock Stadium logo artwork and color needed to be precise. 
  • Logo coating required superior dirt pick-up resistant for optimum visibility for years to come.
  • Hot and humid weather conditions with mid-day storms required the use of a fast-setting roof coating to ensure proper set-up and dry time.
  • Florida's humid environment promotes biological growth on the roof-top which would pose several problems unless addressed properly. 
  • The project was under a very tight schedule for the first Miami Dolphins home game.
Hardrock before after2


  • National Coatings’ Color Specialist worked with the contractor and representatives at Hard Rock to perfectly match the colors to be used in the new logo. The large logo's were applied with precise detail.

  • The TPO membrane supplier choose National Coatings' primer and AcryShield base coat system to tenaciously adhere directly to the TPO.

  • The Quick Set AcryShield top coat provided industry leading UV protection, dirt pick-up resistance, longevity and brightness. 

  • Quick Set AcryShield roof coating allowed the coating to set-up and skim within 30 minutes, ensuring all logo artwork would withstand an afternoon shower.

  • The Quick Set AcryShield product was specifically formulated for environments with wet weather, like Florida; therefore, the coating included additives that combat algae and fungicide growth to safeguard against any future biological growth.

Roofing contractors, Adam Honig with Thermoset Roofing and River Tunnell from SRG Roofing were pleased to work alongside and use National Coating's products. Tunnell stated, It was a pleasure partnering with Andy, Missy and National Coatings on this project, everything went without a hitch and we are beyond impressed with the quality of their products.

"One of the true testaments to our coatings high performance quality and durability was the finished logo's ability to withstand Hurricane Matthew; a category 4 storm that hit the Atlantic Coast of Florida only 48 hours after the completion of the project”, said Andy Eisner, National Coating's Gulf States-South East Regional Sales Manager. “Just imagine what National Coatings' silicone and acrylic coatings can do for your aging roof, regardless of the substrate and at a cost far less than a traditional re-roof."

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Hardrock logo_1.jpg
Hardrock Stadium190826.jpg
Hardrock Stadium190920.jpg
Hardrock aerial view.jpg

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Gain Energy Savings While Using Colored Coatings

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Jul 25, 2019 @ 09:31 AM

Gain Energy Savings Using Colored roof coatings

One of the primary benefits of a cool roof coating is to provide a cooler environment inside the building delivering additional comfort and lowered costs associated with energy savings for cooling the building.

Cool roof coatings reflect the sun’s heat away from the roof opposed to traditional roofing, which retains a bulk of the heat. Our roof coatings are comprised of UV blocking pigments that prevent the roofs surface from absorbing the UV rays (which cause the heat) by redirecting these rays back into the atmosphere, away from the building. Typically, coatings that are bright white in color are able to reflect the heat better than dark coatings; however, if a bright white rooftop is not the best choice for your building, you can still benefit from using a colored coating to gaining energy savings.

crrcThe Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) has rated several of NCC’s cool roof coatings in sand and light grey and have determined even after 3 years, these coatings are able to provide plenty of UV resistance. Click here to review all of our CRRC rating products with their testing results.


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