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20 Yr Full System Warranty Project Profile: Kaiser Permanente Medical Office

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Mar 02, 2023 @ 07:40 PM

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Contractor: Courtney Roofing

Size: approximately 50,000 square feet

System: National Coatings SPF system with granule lock coat

Warranty Term: 20 years

Kaiser Permanente approached National Coatings requesting a roofing system with a 20 year warranty that could provide them with high reflectivity to combat the harsh Ultra-Violet rays from the high desert. It was also necessary that the roofing system delivers superior durability due to the roof having high foot traffic to be able to service the HVAC system and solar panels.

The goal was to combine both high reflectivity and superior durability properties into one system by embedding a course of granules between two coats of AcryShield A510 topcoat. This created a system where maximum reflectivity could be achieved while not sacrificing the high durability of a granulated surface.

Walkways were also installed by applying National Coatings AcryShield A550 for even more durability. The A550 was applied in a sand color to provide contrast creating a tan on white leaving Kaiser with very good looking rooftop.

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2023 New Building Code - CA Minimum Insulation Requirements

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Feb 28, 2023 @ 07:34 PM

Insulation Building Code 2023


  • The insulation requirements for roof alterations apply to all roof replacements and recovers regardless of whether existing insulation is located above or below the roof deck.

  • The prescriptive minimum requirements for roof alterations are:

    • R-17 or R-23 (depending on climate zone) with the use of continuous insulation (ci) only; or

    • U-0.042 or U-0.037 (depending on climate zone) if the insulation is a combination of continuous and cavity insulation. Assemblies insulated with cavity insulation must have a minimum R-10ci installed above the roof deck.

  • There are two exceptions that include important backstops:

    • Roof Recovers: Recovers are not required to meet the full R-17/23 (or U-0.037/0.042) requirements if at least R-10ci of new insulation is installed above the roof deck.

    • Equipment Curbs and Flashing Heights: The maximum amount of insulation (up to the prescriptive requirement) or R-10ci, whichever is greater, must be installed where flashing heights associated with HVAC equipment curbs present limiting conditions.


  • The California Energy Commission’s web-based tool for locating the Climate Zone applicable to a specific project can be accessed here.
  • The California 2022 Energy Code, Reference Appendices (including JA4), Climate Zone Maps, and the 2022 Multifamily and Nonresidential Compliance Manual can be accessed here.
  • Energy Code Ace tools, training, and resources (including fact sheets) can be accessed here.

Insulation Chart 2023

Get the Entire 2023 Energy Code Requirement Here

Fix your roof leaks NOW - Pro-Grade 923 Silicone Roof Sealer Cures Underwater

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Feb 23, 2023 @ 08:28 PM

PermaPatch Rain ImageFix Your Roof Leaks Now, No Need to Wait with Pro-Grade 923

Our original PermaPatch & Repair now called Pro-Grade® 923 Butter Grade Silicone Roof Sealer cures underwater. The Pro-Grade 923 is a trowel grade, 100% silicone rubber that is ideal for sealing penetrations. It is excellent for use over cracks, seams, penetrations, holes, fish mouths, laps, curbs, drains and joints.


  • Permanent
  • Low VOC
  • Watertight
  • Crack Resistant
  • High Solids
  • UV Resistant
  • Ease of Application
  • Superior Adhesion
  • Use on Damp & Wet Surfaces

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