Become an Approved Applicator

Approved Applicator status implies:

  1. Confidence in the Applicator’s ability and willingness to consistently install National Coatings’ materials and systems in accordance with National Coatings’ standards.
  2. Recognition that the Applicator has an excellent reputation in the industry for high quality workmanship, high standards of integrity, dependable customer service and fair business practice.
  3. Confidence in the Applicator’s financial stability, good business management and staying power.

Criteria for acceptance:To receive and maintain Approved Applicator status the applicant must in the opinion of National Coatings, meet the following criteria:

  1. Possess strong financial stability and outlook.
  2. Have an excellent reputation among contractors, building owners and suppliers.
  3. Exhibit a consistent record of high quality applications of the same or similar type materials.
  4. Must have a valid roofing contractor license.
  5. Must be a member in a recognized roofing organization such as: NRCA, Western States, RCA etc.