Asphalt Emulsion

Asphalt Emulsion

National Coatings Corporation is a leading manufacturer in creating highly-reflective elastomeric roof coating systems utilizing asphalt emulsion.   National Coatings has several coating systems to choose from, each with their own unique ability ranging from: ultra-high reflectance; fast-setting; extra tough and optimum adhesion; all of which can be used on asphalt emulsion roof systems.  Coating an asphalt emulsion roof system is beneficial for building owners because the coatings sustain, maintain, and restore the original roof; eliminating the need to tear-off the roof and start from scratch. 

Asphalt Emulsion – Benefits

National Coatings asphalt emulsion roof coatings are part of creating a seamless, fully-reinforced, fully-adhered waterproof membrane over built-up or modified bitumen roofing.  Our LiquiSeal™A200 and LiquiSeal A201 are two excellent asphalt emulsions to choose from.  They are non-fibered, asphaltic bentonite clay emulsions, containing no asbestos.  The LiquiSeal A201 was modified from the A200 with an acrylic rubber. National Coatings elastomeric roof coatings protect the asphalt emulsion, blocking harmful UV rays from the sun and lowering energy consumption of the building  

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Our asphalt emulsion coating products are fully compliant with state wide codes and energy conservation programs.  To find out more information, please contact us at