AcryShield Roofing System Achieves FM Approvals for Resistance to Extreme Wind Uplift and Severe Hail Damage Over Structural Concrete Decks

CAMARILLO, California – November 10, 2015 - National Coatings Corporation (NCC), a leading manufacturer and supplier of durable, energy efficient, elastomeric roof coatings, obtains a new FM 4470 Report which states multiple AcryShield coatings meet FM Approvals requirements for Class 1-990 windstorm classification and Class 1-SH hail damage resistance when applied over structural concrete decks.

These new ratings were prepared and tested by FM Approvals as a system, using various AcryShield base and top coats. The report concluded the AcryShield roofing system was able to withstand an Class 1-990 wind uplift test and had the ability to resist severe hail damage. This new report provides evidence that these industry leading AcryShield coatings will greatly benefit areas that experience extreme wind, such as coastal communities, tall buildings, and lake front properties, as well as, areas that experience damaging hailstorms.

“We are very pleased by the outcome of these tests,” says Shawn J. Collins, President of National Coatings Corporation. “This system offers an exceptional advantage to our customers. The long-term performance capabilities and superior protection the coatings provide the rooftop during severe wind or hail, allow the roof to last longer and perform greater than traditional roofing options.”

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