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Hiring a Roofing Contractor On Your Own – Doing Your Due Diligence – Part I

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Apr 25, 2017 @ 08:00 AM

roof_contractor.jpgIf you are looking to hire a roofing contractor to restore, renew or replace your commercial or industrial roof on your building, National Coatings recommends using one of their approved applicators or doing some research on your own. This blog will provide you will a list of things to consider when hiring a roofing contractor on your own. Look out for our next blog, which will outline the criteria National Coatings uses to select their approved applicators.

Things to Research/Know When Hiring A Roofing Contractor:

  • Make sure they are an established, licensed and/or bonded roofing professional
  • Don’t go with your first bid, receive several and compare apples-to-apples. Ask questions to ensure the bid includes all required work and costs so you don’t receive additional landfill, transportation, etc… fee’s later on.
  • Receive references from the contractor and check them. Find out if there is a local building that has been restored or replaced using the particular contractor and ask how satisfied they are with the work that was completed.
  • Confirm they have current liability and compensation insurance.
  • Need Help? Contact a Roofing  Professional  Zero ObligationCheck reviews. Online and by contacting the Better Business Bureau.
  • Ask about roofing options and products. If your roof is restorable, don’t spend the extra cost and time replacing it. Check out some of our other blogs for more research tips:
  • Ask about warranties. Discuss the different elements, such as, product guarantees, full warranties, and labor warranties.

National Coatings is here to help you. If you have any questions regarding your roof, selecting a system, a contractor or more, contact us.

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Extend the Life of Your Low Slope Commercial Roof

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Apr 20, 2017 @ 09:16 AM

roof_maintenance.jpgYour roof is the barrier and protection your building and the contents inside of it need against water, wind, hail, and the sun’s damaging heat. Every day the roof is exposed to one type of these natural elements that slowly break down and age your rooftop. Completing a semi-annual roof inspection will allow you to extend your roofs life span and lower the risk of damage to the roof.

National Coatings recommends doing a proper roof inspection twice a year – once now, in springtime, after the rainy season has ended, and again before winter begins. 

Complete this list during your roof inspection to ensure a proper and adequate roof inspection:

  • Need Help? Contact a Roofing  Professional  Zero ObligationRemove all debris from the roof. Pipes, skylights, pitch pans, HVAC units and other equipment are perfect gathering locations for debris. Remove all debris as it can trap and hold water, promoting roof deterioration at a faster rate.
  • Inspect all your drains. Make sure they are open and functioning properly. Test each drain by pouring water into them; a clogged drain could lead to a leaking roof.
  • Clear debris from all gutters.
  • Check your roof for any blistering and delamination. If you see these, we strongly recommend you contact National Coatings immediately for a professional roof inspection 800-423-9557.
  • Check the entire roof membrane for any signs of deterioration such as holes, mechanical abuse areas, defects, and/or separation at any seams and edges. If you see any of these failures, consider an ARM System now, so you don't have to replace and tear-off your roof later - this will save you thousands of dollars.
  • Carefully inspect junctures at wall and equipment base flashings and pipe penetrations.
  • Make sure areas with sealant and caulking are in good tact.
  • Trim back any trees that hang over or are near your roof to avoid future unnecessary debris.

Spending a small amount of time completing a roof maintenance inspection every 6 months and immediately after large storms, high winds, hail, etc… will help prevent costly repairs and lengthen your roofs lifespan. Remember, small problems are easier and less expensive to fix but if left undetected, these small issues can lead to some of the most costly repairs your building will experience.

After you’ve assessed your roof, if you feel you need to contact a roofing professional, we recommend not waiting as you could be limiting your options for a roof restoration system and forced to complete a costly and time consuming roof tear-off and replacement. For more information on preserving or restoring your current roof, download our FREE Full Line Brochure!

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Silicone and Acrylic Roof Coating Products for Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Apr 18, 2017 @ 08:00 AM
AcryShield Logo.jpg

 Acrylic Top Coat Options for SPF

  • AcryShield A500 is an excellent coating choice for both base and top coat over SPF roofing. It provides longevity and brightness with superior dirt pick-up resistance and protection against biological attack such as algae. AcryShield A500 contains ZERO VOC's and exceeds all ASTM D6083 requirements and also offers excellent tensile strength, elongation, and wet adhesion.
  • AcryShield A510 can be applied as a base and top coat for SPF. It was developed for areas where additional fire retardant packages are not required. AcryShield A510 also exceeds all ASTM D6083 requirements and also offers excellent tensile strength, elongation, and wet adhesion. 

Acrylic Base Coat Options for SPF

  • AcryShield A501 base coat is the industry leading, ZERO VOC, high Download our FREE Roof Coating Systems Benefits Brochureperformance base coat with optimum adhesion to SPF roofing. A501 provides an additional layer of waterproofing, superior adhesion, and resistance to ponded water.
  • AcryShield A410 base coat is a low-perm elastomeric coating, specifically designed for the exterior of buildings and rooms where there is reverse vapor drive (cold storage, food packing plants, etc.)

Extra Foot Traffic and Physical Abuse Protection Option

  • AcryShield A550 can be both a base and top coat, it has double the toughness of any other AcryShield coating. With its urethane-like strength and elongation properties, this acrylic product is excellent for superior protection against foot traffic and physical abuse. AcryShield A550 also exceeds all ASTM D6083 requirements and also offers excellent tensile strength, elongation, and wet adhesion.

Ultra High Reflectance Option

  • AcryShield A590 base and top coat has ULTRA high reflectance with superior UV protection and low VOC's. It lowers air conditioning energy costs, reduces roof degradation, and prolongs the lifespan of the roof. A590 also exceeds all ASTM D6083 requirements and also offers excellent tensile strength, elongation, and wet adhesion.  

SPF Fast Setting Option

  • AcryShield Quick Set base and top coats are specifically formulated to resist early wash-off associated with heavy dew and light rain. Ask about our different quick set products for SPF.  Base and Top coats: A600, A610.

SRC Silicone Roof Coatings Logo.jpgSilicone Top and Base Coat Option for SPF

  • SRC 740 silicone base and top coat for application over SPF is an ultra low VOC coating with high solids and offers a one-component, moisture-curing silicone roof coating system. SRC 740 can be applied in excess of 30 mils in a single coat with maximum adhesion without blistering due to its high solids content and absence of hydrocarbon solvents. 


  • White Armor Roofing Granules are specifically designed for use with high performance AcryShield® roof coatings and are the superior choice for SPF roofing applications. These granules enhance the appearance of the SPF roofing system while delivering added durability, improving impact and foot traffic protection.
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